About Me

Its me Vish, from Mumbai, India. Hobbyist Street Photographer, Canon Lover, Graphic Designer. Bought my first Canon 700D in October 2015, not even completed a year. Used to think that DSLR is only for richie rich so never thought about buying one. But always loved photography, followed big shot photographers on all known social media sites.

One fine day while chatting with one of the wild life photographer (now a good friend) , asked him about the gear he uses, cost and everything. And he inspired me to buy one. And then out of greed of being a good photographer I just went for it and brought my Canon to my life. Before buying I saw some tutorial about using the camera, how to capture, what to capture.

Used to observe lot of things happening around and started framing it in my mind and then on my camera.

Watching my captures on big screen gives me lot of happiness and I feel proud of myself. Canon has given me a new life, a new identity and has helped me to know myself more than I ever did 🙂

Will be sharing my captures from my Canon here… hope you guys enjoy it… As i still call myself a learner I would always like to get your feedback on the same 🙂